Storing Model Instances & having multiple instances within a single OpenAI Account

I am interested in having multiple instances of a specific model i.e. ‘davinci-text-003’. I have X customers and I would like to have X different instances of ‘davinci-text-003’, one for each customer.

I want to be able to fine-tune each individual instance uniquely with data from each company, respectively.

  • Is it possible to have access to many instances of the same model from a single OpenAI account? (Is there a 1-1 mapping between account and access to model instances or can a single account access several model instances).

  • How do you access multiple instances? Here I am able to access a specific instance called 'MODEL (davinci-text-003) but I have no control of ensuring that I get access to the same instance again? From the image below if I was to make a call to createFineTune after the createCompletion call and pass in ‘MODEL’ would it give me the same instance or a new one?

  • How do you store instances, once I have access to a given model instance and I’ve fine-tuned it, how can I ensure when I requery a model that the instance I have fine-tuned is used? Where are these instances stored?

Thank you