State implemented but got: Your plugin will be removed in 30 days unless action is taken

Hey there!

All our members got an email from @logankilpatrick saying their plugin will get removed in 30 days if they do not implement the support for state parameters in their OAuth.

The thing is, we reported it and implemented this change for all our plugins about a week ago, even before it was documented by OpenAI (see here [BUG OAUTH] - Missing state parameters in dev mode only since yesterday - #7 by kevinpiac)

So, my question is: was this email a batch email sent to EVERY plugin implementing OAuth, or was it sent precisely to the plugins that need to be fixed?

@logankilpatrick @staff.openai20.hy

Any help will be appreciated since many plugin creators are concerned.

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As a moderator (ref) some users think we have a direct line to @logankilpatrick or other OpenAI staff but we do not. :slightly_frowning_face:

My hope is that this gets the attention it needs along with the other high profile concerns noted on this forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


There is a group, not category, for ChatGPT plugin store developers

I have not tried @Plugin_Store_Devs but it should work. Note it will notify all users of the group. If one of them complains just point out that it was suggested by a moderator. :slightly_smiling_face:


We didnā€™t receive that email, and our plugin supports the state parameter.

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Thanks for this feedback!

Unfortunately, some of our users are on the same setup and did not receive the mail as well.

This leads to confusion ^^ It could be just a matter of batching the sending of their email since sending an email to 70K people is not something we generally do in a single shot.