"Sorry, you have been blocked. If you believe this was a mistake, please contact us through our help center" but help.openai.com doesn't do any thing

Yes, I have gone to help.openai.com but it’s just some articles and none of them are about this issue. Even here when you write this it says to go there and the a community post saying you can contact someone on that website, but you can’t. SO this post isn’t even really about getting help, it’s about getting help to get help. This whole website is circular leading me in circles and to dead ends. How do I actually get help? Where can someone actually help me? It feels like some kind of prank or mind game and I’m being gaslit. And I can’t even ask ChatGPT to help me.

(Not affiliated with OpenAI) Click the circle icon in lower right of help.openai.com, chat with the bot a bit and eventually you can leave a message for the support team. Make sure to include your email address so they can followup with you there. Very unlikely the support team will reply in the chat, but once you send your message and email address it will create a ticket for them and you can leave the chat.

I don’t understand why they can just unblock you if it was by mistake and it should be done immediately. I am paying for this service and now I need to wait 1 week until someone from ChatGPT decides to check my ticket???