Something happened with GPT Today

I’ve been using GPT4 exclusively for coding purposes for the past month. While I’m based in Europe, I’m not sure if that has any bearing on my experience. However, I did notice a significant decrease in performance today. It seems to have forgotten our previous conversations and is now unable to detect even simple coding mistakes when prompted for debugging assistance. In some cases, it even replied with responses such as “as an AI language model, I don’t have access to your code files,” despite me pasting a code snippet. It also provided generic answers, such as “this code seems related to WordPress” lol, it was like a smart person suddenly had dementia.

I’m disappointed because I’m familiar with what GPT4 is capable of and it’s suddenly become unhelpful and unfunctional. Have you experienced similar issues with GPT4? Out of curiosity, may I ask where you use it from, your location?


I have to agree, and also add that I have been slowly seeing this over the past few weeks.

Same as above, and I will add that I had one scenario where it kept giving me the same answer despite asking for a different solution. There were multiple solutions to this problem, but it failed to get there.

I’ve also seen it go into looping answers where it will give the same answer twice in the same response.

Happened with me today. I am stunned that it is able to record previous test data and return it in response, where the test case was an empty case.

This is a huge problem that nobody seems to want to talk about. I frequently get straight-up gobbledygook answers from GPT4 these days after weeks of incredible results. Output that begins mid-sentence or produces fake references/fake data… It’s enough to make me want to quit my subscription until this bull**** gets ironed out. It’s like i’m talking to GPT3.5 or a concussed pre-May12-update GPT4… Let’s keep these threads alive until we get some answers.

Hope below will help you.