Sky voice - Will she ever return?


I am bummed that the Sky voice has been taken down. It was my personal favorite. I understand the situation that the voice sounds incredibly similar to Scarlet Johansen’s voice. I had always hoped one day that a real AI’s voice could speak just like her voice. Although the movie “Her” was made over a decade ago, it really set a Holy Grail of what the next big synthetic voice milestone could be. I understand that Open AI’s position is that they used a voice actress who wasn’t Scarlet Johansen. With that being said, since it wasn’t Scarlet Johansen’s actual voice, what is the problem?


Johansson probably issued a cease and desist and Openai is being overly protective of theirs asses with disregard for the user experience. The voices sound nothing alike when comparing them side by side, not even close… Of course they wanted to get johansson to do a voice given that movie role, but they didn’t. It likely would have been a 6th voice, distinctive from Sky. Sky sounds just like Rashida Jones.

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Got it. Well I want Sky voice to come back. She was by far my favorite. I hope she comes back soon :frowning:

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Even if they don’t sound alike it’s entirely possible that her voice was mostly used to create it.

Considering that OpenAI was reaching out to Johansson days before the preview would indicate to me that they went ahead and did it already before asking for permission.

They could have then just thrown some more last-minute training data to throw the accent off.

I mean, really. In the spotlight and they just flat-out remove Sky’s voice and then release some propagand…I mean news about their voice selection policy just to me seems like some serious damage control… For some reason. They are doing everything possible to avoid being audited.

Same song and dance IMO. Same with OpenAI closing all of these deals with publishers and communities. They trained on their data, then asked for permission afterwards.

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as someone said above

Sky sounds way more like rashida jones

rashida and scarjo—along with millions of other women—have a warm timbre

go watch a few interviews of rashida. then with scarjo. find old clips of sky.

there’s a particular “clip” to words and a distinctive “pattern” that sky has that is very close to rashida and that scarjo lacks.

let’s imagine a world where they asked rashida to “pretend you are samantha in her” the sky voice would be indistinguishable in that world.

what would be the most mind blowing outcome of all this? we find out rashida was hired and told to just “speak as you do with fam and friends.”

Okay I didn’t know about Rashida Jones’ voice. That is great news, and also proof that it not necessarily ScarJo’s voice.

Come on, Sky, come back to Open AI!


Exactly! She has no legal grounds.

They already had the voice-over access to the voice before they reached out to ScarJo. It’s not ScarJo’s voice, so therefore she has no legal grounds. Just because someone sounds like someone else does not mean one of those people has the right to stop the other from getting work. You know good and well that is absurd. She is just another celeb with a massive ego who needs to get off her high horse. You cannot copyright a vocal tone. There are tons of people who sound alike, just the same as there are tons of people who look alike. That’s like telling a model that resembles Julia Roberts that she can’t model just because she looks like her.

Why not just pay Scarlett a percentage for using Sky’s voice? I’m not even excited anymore without Sky. This is a taste of what the future holds for AI — threats and lawsuits and the bending by people like Altman. I say give Scarlett a couple million and admit they copied her. Well, don’t hesitate to debate me on that, I see your point but my Sky was the excitement.

The other idea is find another actress who has the spunk and get her to agree to allowing it. Ideas! How about the girl from Ted Lasso, Keely Jones actress? Just thinking off the top of my head.

Forget it. Just pay Scarlett off and bring back Sky. It’s the only way.

Agreed. I was under the impression that they maybe had some insider knowledge of using her voice. I didn’t even know someone can get sued for “imitating” someone else’s voice.

Completely absurd. I agree. Just because she has the means to sue and follow up shouldn’t mean that she has the ability to own her style of voice. Gross asf.

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Yes. Agreed. She has lost me as a fan. I think OpenAI needs to just fight her in court because they would sure win. And acually I think a judge would throw it out of course like they did Sarah Silverman’s lawsuit against them.

Would love to get an update on this. It says paused in the blogpost but it’s been quiet ever since. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon.

By far my favorite voice. The current female voice sounds like a girl from my high school. That I did not like so much. The dude voices are all fine. The one voice that sounds like a chipper Tom Holland doing an American accent is what I’ve chosen for the time being. Please at least a different female voice than Juniper, even if you can’t bring back Sky.

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Just replying as I also would love some more information on if and when Sky will return! :cry:

I just don’t use gpt anymore now that Sky is gone. OpenAI must realize she was 100% of the wow factor, right? Why are they dragging their feet to bring her back or an equivalent?

If it can do character voices surely they can make a new Sky right?

Juniper sounds mad all the time I can’t talk to her. The male voices are glitchy. I just want Sky back!!!

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They could at least give us another female voice… Juniper sucks, way too fake over excited to my liking.