Size and ratio issue in Dall-E

After an hour of attempts and trying all possible units of measurement, DALL-E seems incapable of generating images in a format different from 1024x1024. This is very frustrating.

I have no issues myself, are you using the API?

Thanks for your answer !
No I’m using a paid account directly in chatgpt. It seems we can’t directly access dall e since dall e 3 ?
Thanks for your help :+1:


Aspect Ratio on DALL-E:

  • Square
  • Widescreen
  • Vertical

Thanks for your answer.
I naively thought we could specify any size we’d want. It’s probably the reason I didn’t get the result I wanted. Thanks again and have a great day :blush:

I can’t access to dall-e 2 as it says it doesn’t accept new members since dall-e 3 release and dall-e 3 seems to be accessible only directly from chat gpt . i don’t understand how do you access the interface you sent in your screen shot. Through chat gpt, ratio declaration doesn’t seem to work. I retried a lot of times and I always get squared images…

1st: Select ‘Explore GPTs’ from sidebar
2nd: Select DALL-E

3rd: Use correct words for Aspect Ratio.
In this scenario in French we are using:

Format écran large

Format vertical

Format carré