DALLE image sizing in Custom GPTs

When creating a Custom GPT which uses the ChatGPT 4o model, but in this instance DALLE since it’s an image app, how do I get perfect squares or rectangles in a landscape image? I’ve seen logo Custom GPT’s that create multiple logos on one page or image output from DALLE. Perfectly spaced.

In my instructions "A high-resolution image in landscape orientation (1792x1024 pixels), formatted into a grid of eight rectangles, each measuring 448x512, with a consistent small padding between them. "
I’ve also reiterated this many times. The output however creates more than 8 rectangles 4 columns two rows. Which will contain its own art like the logo examples in production.

No matter what I try it fails to understand .

Yeah, it can’t really parse this into something it can use at this time.

Usually splitting into 2 or 4 works better, but it’s not 100% yet.

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I’m thinking it’s Dalle and how it reacts to prompts, but what makes me feel that it’s possible is that some logo GPTs are outputting 9 logos on one page equally distributed, and the responses are consistent. Appreciate your response.

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Well, it doesn’t think or know “pixels” so has to guess what you want based on the text but not being able to actually see or know about pixels, it kinda has to guess for grids, etc. I’m sure it will improve.

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I got the pixel dimensions from GPT, but maybe I’ll try a ratio instead.