Since upgrading to Plus, singular chat session no longer works - System responds "An error ocurred. Try refreshing your browser"

Created a long, detailed chat before signing up for Plus. This singular chat no longer functions. This particular chat functioned properly until the account was upgraded to a paid, plus account. Now, when trying to continue the chat, any input results in the following error:

“An error ocurred. Try refreshing your browser.”

All new chats function properly. And all other preexisting chats function properly and can be continued. Only this single chat produces this error and cannot be continued.

Is there any method to return this chat to functionality without entirely recreating all of the lengthy inputs and conditions that were developed over a long period of trial and error?


In the same situation! ChatGPT works best when you can compound the value of a conversation by tailoring the queries iteratively.


Same here. The old sessions don’t work anymore.


Same here. Down on any lengthy conversations. Shot conversations are fine it seems. How can you get support from them ?

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Same problem here. In some chats with longer conversations I get the message “An error ocurred. Try refreshing your browser.” I tried almost everything, no hope for now.

  • OS: Mac
  • Browser: Chrome
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Same situation for me. The issue only occurs in the long, detailed chat I created before signing up to Plus. Any new session seems to be fine.

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Yes, this is my story as well. There was one particular lengthy chat where I worked on a particular project and now it is down. Same error and all, I sent an email to support and nothing back. Not even an autoresponder.

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Please update us if support responds.

Open AI really needs to address this.

Having the same issue here. One specific chat, which I used a lot, stopped working when upgraded to the paid membership. The ability to have a chat history it’s practical. I use one for my day-to-day (which weirdly it still works), another for work stuff, like grammatical assistance, and so on.

It’s no problem in this case since I don’t need the data on it, just letting you know for statistics.

Flagging to the team. Hang tight, will update when I hear back.

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Update, fix in the works, team is aware of the issue.


From my experience, it seems that OpenAI is not properly scaled to handle the demand and I’m not just talking about chatGPT’s network load.

From the lack of responses from the customer support team, to my experiences with chat GPT plus and the way decisions are made based on small bits of customer feedback, it reminds me of FTX. Clearly there is more than what I can observe, but from what I have experienced so far, it seems as if the current workings of the company are unsustainable and continued growth will be detrimental.

Unless significant infrastructure and personnel changes take place, ChatGPT might not continue to stand out above the crowd. When so many users use it for free, that lack of monetary in flow takes a toll on the company. Even if they just introduced a five dollar tier with minimal bells and whistles, or even something for a dollar, just to get the money coming in, I think that would help quite a bit.

But the models available on the playground are fantastic and I use the heck out of those quite often. Ada, Curie, Babbage, Davinci and so on, those are excellent.