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I’m an old guy who needs someone to take me by the hand and walk me to the ice cream store. I want to write some news articles using GPT-3 Davinci but am getting eradic inconsistent results. I understand that this thing doesn’t necessarily work by asking it to answer a question or giving it direct instructions the same way a google assistant (Hey Google) would work. It’s much more sophisticated. I did an extensive search using google search engine to find ‘prompts’ that are available to use to write articles, essays, news stories, etc…but those ‘prompts’ are well guarded or hidden. I understand how valuable a ‘prompt’ might be commercially. Anyway, would someone please alleviate my mental pain just by giving me a lead to some examples of ‘prompts’ or some more exact instructions about creating a ‘prompt’ or the process of ‘prompt’ creation that can be used across a broad spectrum. I would greatly appreciate the help before just walking away from this and using the commercial grade versions of writing articles (poor quality). I realize that I am way out of my league here but my aged brain is still firing on many cylinders and it needs to be fed (develop new neuropathways) to keep me alive… Thanks in advance.


First, don’t despair. There’s a learning curve for everybody who encounters GPT-3.

Trial and error is your friend. I advise playing with the settings, raising and lowering the temperature and penalty settings, and seeing what happens.

As for prompts, I don’t think there are any secret, surefire prompts hiding out there. But what I can suggest is playing around with one-shot prompts. One-shots are prompts in which you provide an example of the kind of output you’re looking to generate. In other words, supplying the first paragraph or two to show GPT-3 what you’re looking for. Here could be one you could supply for an article:

An article on the ways geospatial data is increasingly being used for conservation efforts. This article will explore the ways in which satellite imagery and camera trap data is being used in Africa to track elephant and other animals’ migratory patterns.

The Geospatial Revolution in Conservation
by olypenn

With the advent of cloud computing, more conservation nonprofits are turning to algorithms, camera traps, and geospatial data to support their efforts to support biodiversity. For example…


Thanks for the help. I will give it a try again tomorrow and get back here with the results. JD


Hi Olypenn. You can also find some example prompts in the links on this worksheet. Hope this helps!


:grinning: thanks for this spreadsheet. is this a live sheet that you update?

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Hi Jamie, I’m happy to contribute something that helped you. I got this spreadsheet from some website that I don’t remember and therefore I have no control over it.

The main thing I recommend is to show GPT-3 two or three examples first before expecting it produce a consistent amount of quality each time … This is known as “few shot” training/prompt design. I’m not sure if you’re already doing this in some form but it’s important to do this.