Sign in failed but credentials are correct

I used to use email to log in, and after trying to log in with Apple, I got this message. Now, I can not even log in using my email and password.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get a ChatGPT account using email & password
  2. Have an Apple account with the same email address
  3. On iOS app, hit 'Continue with Apple" and use real (same) email to continue

Expected result:

Successful login or prompt to merge account

Actual result:

Sign in failed, bad url
Now even regular email & password won’t be able to log in (on app)

Additional information


I have the same issue! I don’t think this is an isolated issue, openAI should really solve this… i’d think many people are having the same problem

I have the same problem app ios … login on website works

seams linked with: AdGuard or dns

please check on reddit