Conversational App Engine: Demo apps included 1) Quiz Generator, 2) Quote Wallpaper Generator, 3) Todo Assistant

Started for demonstration purposes, but evolved to an open source framework to build apps that utilize OpenAI APIs.
It aims to help developers quickly build apps based on OpenAI api.

It contains the following demo apps that you can checkfor innovation:

  1. Quiz Generator

  2. Quote Wallpaper Generator (As SVG)

  3. Todo Assistant

We encourage you to explore these demos for inspiration and to visit our project page on GitHub for more information on how to get started. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how you’ve used Conversational App Engine for your own projects.


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Tried gpt with statistical data extraction, great job.
I give gpt text, if there is a statistical data, it extract it as a table, and as JSON input to Chart.js

I need GPT-4 api access for my next use case, any body can help in getting my account access?