Should kids be learning about/ with GPT-3?

I’m wondering what folks in this community think about learning about/with GPT-3?

Pros? Cons? Risks? Benefits?


This is an exciting topic. My short answer is that it should be a duty.
I have written a more detailed answer in the article: Childhood in the AI age
Perhaps it will interest you.


I think this is a very complicated question. I think for younger kids (<10) there would need to be the content filter and maybe some fine tuning. There would probably need to be somewhat restricted access as it could cost you quite a bit of money. For teenagers another concern would be cheating for example on an essay using an ai to partly or fully generate an essay. I have done some experiments and it is quite easy to generate essays about topics with a little guidance but i will probably make another form about this at a later time.

tldr: It is risky for younger and older kids for different reasons but it could be a great learning experience.