My Biggest 2022 Prediction: GPT-3 will take over schools and college campuses

I wanted to just share a substack post I wrote today. It’s called, “My Biggest 2022 Prediction: GPT-3 will take over schools and college campuses”.

In this post I detail why GPT-3 is an ideal fit for student lifestyles and how this could impact the OpenAI community and education at large.

I’m interested to hear if anyone is at school right now and is hearing about GPT-3 being used on campus. Please don’t share your personal experiences using GPT-3 to help you with your homework, this is a public forum and I don’t want you getting in trouble with your school for plagiarism or something.


I’m a college student in California (love your podcast/channel by the way!) and have tried using gpt3 in a couple instances for essays but have found it not be too applicable as it kind of runs off course. I think in the future as the GPT models progress this is an incredible thing to think about and I wonder how schools will react - oddly enough they may technologically degrees and require students to start doing more work on paper and in person. I am most excited this year to use codex for a couple coding classes, specifically an intro to R class that I feel codex will be super useful for, and I plan on making a program that could complete very simple assignments all by itself - not sure how my teachers would react, but I hope they recognize the value of creative pursuits like that. Up until now I’ve been disappointed at the lack of awareness of openai models, I have many data science and computer science friends who I’ve tried talking to about them, and nobody I know has known anything about openai. I hope you read this, keep up the great work!


This brings up a very interesting ethical point. One of OpenAIs main concerns in launching an application with GPT-3 is NOT giving customers direct access to the API in a playground-like manner. But what you seem to be implying is that the MAIN product is playground.

Is OpenAI breaking their own ethical standards?

Food for thought.

Thanks for sharing your experience! Glad to hear you like the podcast. I can agree with you, codex will likely take comp sci undergrad by storm first, perhaps, over GPT-3.

For essays, I am hoping someone may come along and make something that is built on TOP of GPT-3 that just makes it really easy to write an essay with it as an aid (not GPT-3 playground itself which can be tedious). But with that said, I’m no longer writing essays, so, maybe I should trust your judgement on this one that it is currently not as helpful.

I also think it could be used for lab reports, writing research papers, as well as business analysis appendices like the SWOT analysis

Yeah, I’m not arguing that about the actual ethics. It’s just interesting to think that now that we aren’t in closed beta, a whole bunch of undergrads could sign up for access and use playground as the main product. They use it write essays, help with code assignments. Write dirty stories. Who knows! Seems like an app OpenAI that wouldn’t get through OpenAI’s approval process.


I am an University lecturer and specifically tested if gpt-3 can be used to write scientific stuff. From my experience it is absolutely useless, at least in engineering/science.

I think however there is a bright future as an improver, e.g. correcting grammar/spelling or improve overall writing, which I think will be a good development given the fact that English is not the native language of most researchers worldwide.

And Hackathons as well!