Shopify AI chatbot for product recommendations

Looking for a shopify solution which can index product data from the store and recommend users with products based on user message


You could build a dynamic web-scraper, using Selenium and beautiful soup, to extract the html from web pages and then implement functionality to instruct the API to extract certain elements… such as prices.

E.g., use driver.Chrome with Selenium to navigate to the page, use soup.prettify to extract the HTML and write it to a file, then determine the tag names for prices. Then tell the API which tags to parse.

Not a very detailed response because I’m in a rush currently, but that’s my 2 cents.

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I am not proficient at coding, any good resources you can share where I can learn these ?

You mean products from your own shopify website? So you looking for a Shopify App to install, that will show a chat to the visitors of your shop and recommend the products?

Yes a shopify sales chatbot to recommend products to users

Use Shopify API get products.

Like this Shopify APP: smartbot

I tired an AI Chatbot named QuickCEP for my shopify store, works pretty well, you may take a look.

I am a co-founder at cetient. We can help you get set up if you are looking for a no-code solution that works well and uses the chat gpt api on the backend.

hey there, I have created a Shopify AI sales chatbot to index products, and helps users to find perfect product by asking them a question to understand their needs.

App name - lookfor AI you can take a look.

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to lmk.