Sharing code on Github

Hi all, I wondered if there is any restrictions on creating a Github repository to share the code from our project, we are non-profit and focus on open-source technologies for leukemia detection and medical systems.

Would it break any terms if I was to upload the source code of the project I am making to our Github. The project is a chatbot to provide information about leukemia.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my absence so far unfortunately my father passed away and I was in the UK for a while so playing catch up at the moment.

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Hi Adam,

Please refer to our best practices on API key safety - to ensure that your key isn’t accidentally leaked.


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OK great thank you! Keys are part of the configuration file, we always ensure credentials don’t get uploaded with the file and will check out the link you gave me also to ensure we meet your standards. Thank you for the quick reply!

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