Query regarding a product


Basically, I am working on making a twitter bot using GPT-3 but recently I found out that OpenAI has shut down some old projects because they don’t allow it but I have seen a bot named GPT-3 Naval and it’s been up and running for a while.

So, my question is - Are twitter bots using GPT-3 against the guidelines?

I don’t want to spend days working on it but not be able to launch it because it’s the against the guideline.
Kindly reply asap.


Check out the social media policy here:- OpenAI API

I don’t think Twitter Bot using GPT-3 is allowed.

But sharing one-off outputs are okay as long as you follow the policy. You can ask their chat support as well. Most probably they will tell you it’s not allowed to make a Twitter bot w/t GPT-3.

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Thanks for the input!!