Codex Apps - Can we share them?

Hi, I got access to Codex last month. I’ve been playing around with it and I come up with several ideas. If I wanted to build a very simple app using the api, is it permitted? I mean, as far as I know, what I can do is:

  • Upload the code to github (for the ones who want to use it, they should have their owns private keys)
  • Create an app (web app or desktop) but the question is: can I deploy the web app? and in the case of developing a desktop application, can I share it with others?

In all cases, obviously, everyone who wants to use it would need to set their own private keys.

Probably a bit confused about the question, but I would like to better know what it’s permitted to do in terms of sharing our development with the API.

Thank you!

It is recommended that you read the policies, terms & conditions @leonelebi!

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