Share Link Missing in ChatGPT

The button to share a link to the conversation is missing. Issue is persistent between browsers (edge, chrome, …), and others in my office are seeing the same.

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Oh, maybe it moved or I forgot where it was. I could have sworn it was on the conversation near where you can edit the name of the conversation. Anyway, I found it at the top right after the conversation is selected. Cheers.

It did used to be there. I’d shared the process, so I have evidence!

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Same for me – used to have the button you had, on all of my devices, now it’s gone on all devices I have to hand (Android & web).

The OpenAI page on this still seems to show that they should be available?
ChatGPT Shared Links FAQ | OpenAI Help Center

It’s now in upper right
Date Inquiry: GPT Response 2023-08-01 11-18-01

On iOS at least you can tab and hold on the conversation in history, or click the 3 dots in upper right then Share.