Share an interactive conversation - how to


how can I share a link to a chatGPT after I have prompted some data (let’s say an academic article in a PDF), so other users can ask chatGPT about this article, with this being already loaded with the data?


Hi ,welcome to the community. As i can Understand you want to share the Conversation, Am I right?

Follow these below step to do so:

Please Correct me if i am wrong bcz the query is not clear.

A technique is to put in a temporary custom instruction in, telling the AI to only reply with “OK” when you first paste the documentation in, that way minimum tokens are wasted. When you share, and someone presses “continue”, they don’t get the custom instructions.

Example (share)

The share icon is upper-right in a chat, in a bar (you might have to scroll a bit to see it). You can give a better name before receiving a link.

Caution: the share link is deleted when the chat conversation is deleted.

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Hi, almost.

It’s not just to view the conversation, but keep it on for the new user to continue the chat from where I paused. This way he already has the relevant data prompted.

Cool! Not so sure however what to do to initialize this. Do you have a slightly more visible tutorial for prompting it?

It doesn’t take much of a system “custom instruction” to make the AI say “OK” or “received, understood” no matter what the user types.