Server Issues - Is anyone having this issue?

Hello everyone! Over the course of the past 48 hours I have noticed by app is either not producing content and showing an error code, or it’s not producing content until I refresh and try again. (Note! I am running a copywriting tool).

On almost all occasions it lets me run one round of content from my user facing application, and then if I try to create more outputs, it just does not work. A hard refresh solves the problem in most cases but I am wondering if this is being triggered somewhere within my app or if OpenAI is having a server issue.

Has anyone else had this issue?

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@nicole, if you notice any errors in the response from the API, please reach out. to and we’ll take a look!

@m-a.schenk just refreshing the page or closing the app and Re-opeing. Do you know what else has been reported by others and if there happens to be a community forum about it? Thanks!

Thank you @tabarak - I’ll send an email now!

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