Server Timeout with error code 524()

My Article writer tool started showing Timeout error since last 2-3 days. Earlier it was generating awesome results on davinci-003. Any resolution to this apart from moving back to davinci-002?

P.S. Other tools working fine on davinci-003 however, being generating a longer output, the Article writer tool is experiencing Timeout.

error- Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 524 ()

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Having the same issue since yesterday. Using davinci-003 with { max_token : 1000 }

Still happening? There’s infrequent periods of interruption, I’ve noticed. The OpenAI team does a great job in general at keeping the system up and running, in my humble opinion.

There’s a status page too, but I’m not sure if it showed anything. Did you reach out to chat support?

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Thanks for the reply Paul. Yes its happening even now. Yesterday the tool kinda worked however, today it was timed out again.

Have messaged the support just now as they weren’t available on weekends. Hoping to get a resolution soon.

The status page is not showing any issue.

I received timeout errors too