Serious problem: ChatGPT 4 acts like 3.5 version

Hey friends
I use ChatGPT 4 as my real assistant and Im working as blog writer. Without ChatGPT I can’t handle my works.
Three days ago, ChatGPT didn’t answer me as GPT 4.
It started to avoid browsing internet, analyse data and also understand huge orders.
I have specific prompts and I use them since 6 months later. I always got similar answers, but now, ChatGPT does not answer me. It always said Sorry, Im not fully fit to help you, or, Im sorry I can’t browse internet.
Please help me to fix this problme.

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It is always possible for the behavior of the AI to change, and past prompts change in behavior.

First, ensure that you are starting a new conversation with “GPT-4” from the model selector and are getting its purple icon (my screenshot has icon-blocking of connection to Gravatar).

Then you can give specific instructions that reinforce the AI’s ability and need to search the web.

The web browsing feature has been changed to avoid reciting back whole web pages for you, however.

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