Separating prompts from parameters

I want to use parameters and values such as “temperature” and "top_p: ".

However, when I hit send, the model’s answer also includes the parameters and values in its response.

For instance: “In this kaleidoscopic realm, where the trees seemed to dance with a life of their own, I set forth on a path paved with shimmering petals that radiated a gentle glow. The temperature of 0.8 lent an air of unpredictability to the atmosphere, causing the very fabric of reality to warp and weave in a mesmerizing dance.”

Is there a way to format the prompt so that the parameters are not included as words in the answer?

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Both temperature and top_p are API parameters, you can’t control them in prompts.

Are you calling API? There’s no way to control these parameters using Chatgpt.

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I’m also looking to format the prompt because parameters are always included to the words, which is frustrating.

API model parameters are only accessible and configurable when making direct calls to AI models over…you guessed it…the OpenAI API. The programming interface.

You can’t ask the AI in language to set its own internal sampling parameters (unless you are a programmer thinking out-of-the-box to allow that).

No, just within the prompt.


Prompt: “Generate five business news creative story ideas.”

Temperature: 0.7
Top_p: 0.2
Frequency_penalty: 0.5
Presence_penalty: 0.1

Just within the prompt? You might as well fabricate your own parameters…


Prompt: Generate five business news story ideas.

“Creativity”: “medium”,
“Text output reliability”: “high”,
“Avoid word repetition”: True,
“Brainstorm mode”: True,
“Response length”: “extended”,

Got it thanks.

So there is no way to increase “creativity” from the prompt other than using words such as “don’t chose frequent words in your answer” etc…

You should try prompting the model to take on different roles when creating the text.
For example asking it to write like a elementary schooler should get you massively simplified results.
But what if you asked it to write like Goethe? Or Garcia Marquez?

From there you could work on a creative style that matches your intend and create a prompt and some few shot examples to pass along with the real tasks.

Since the current model generation is not really creative in the sense of a “spark” but more like remembering other ideas that were creative at the time you can try to guide the output towards a style that resembles creativity.

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