Does the ChatGPT API parameters also work in the ChatGPT web version?

For example, I use the following Prompt in the ChatGPT web version:


Tell me a story.


  • temperature=2.0
  • presence_penalty=1
  • frequency_ penalty=0.5

In this Prompt, will the parameters used in the API such as temperature, presence_penalty, frequency_penalty be effective?

I think that after adding them, if I send them multiple times within a session, compared to a session without parameters, I do feel a change, but I am not sure if it is because the parameters are effective or because ChatGPT understands semantically that I need it to reduce repetitiveness.

Has anyone tested it?

Welcome to the forum.

I’ve not tested it, but I doubt it will work like setting them as parameters.

Give it a go, though, and let us know your observations! Hope you stick around.

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The parameters are set by how the ChatGPT backend would call the model.
Not by the language within.

However, I have developed a classifier that will determine the type of output desired and set the API call’s temperature for recommended generation temperature. It would just be a bit more prompting to have it discover any user commands within that input wishing to change softmax logit temperature parameter directly.

Then your API-built chatbot could be instructed within language to do as you demonstrate.

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