Update existing chat with new knowledge

HI all,

We have a custom gpt with certain knowledge and instructions. When testing this GPT - I create a new chat and all is working.

If we go back into the GPT settings and either add more knowledge or update the instructions - it will only use this update information if I start a new chat. When I go back to the same chat - the knowledge is still from before I did the update

Is there a way that if the knowledge of the custom GPT has been updated, it will update the chats too, so that the user can continue doing what they were doing - but with update info

Hi! Welcome to the community!

That’s unlikely, because whatever instructions you had in the past are now forever part of the conversation context.

What could maybe work is if you generically instruct your GPT to pull its instructions from an API every time :thinking:

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That’s what I was thinking too… but that seems to slow the process down quite a bit…

Thanks for the feedback