Sending external link and documents to chatGPT


I use chatGPT everyday since 1 month now !
I rode and seen lots of tutorial about it.
All those tutorial and texts said that is impoissible to send external link and doculment to chatGPT but it’s not true !

But it’s so strange and confused !
You can ask chat GPT to get a link like wetransfer link he will say NO ! But if you discuss with him and turn your question and insit ! he will tell you that is possible ! You can tell him that you’ve already done it before with him ! then you send your link one tilme, 2 tilmes and you rephrase your sentence ! then he will get your link !

I’ve done it with blood test results in PDF and i’ve done it with company balance sheet in excel, csv and PDF format, and send to him PPT and word document !

But it’s always really difficult to let him take those document ! sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s too complicated and take so much time to let him agree to get it !.

Is anybody had the same experience than me ? is there a way to send document to chatGPT easier ?

Thnaks for you feedback

I have the exact same trouble.
I believe i find an easiest way to convice it.
I use always the same web link with an html file.
But i still don’t know what is a good prompt to make it work perfectly