Seeking support for some Ultimate value for GPT models usage

Hi everyone,

I am reaching out to you as a solopreneur with a full-time job who has invested significant time and resources into a project that I am deeply passionate about. With the help of a few freelancers, I have dedicated my spare time and personal savings to develop a venture that I believe offers immense value to its users. The only reason I am in a full-time job is that it is the only fixed source of income to support my family and the health challenge for my son.

I just want assistance in finding the right platform to share/launch my product in order to get a few paid users so that I can sustain my work in the Gen-AI field. Maybe I am bad in marketing or not getting enough time to do this as being a solopreneur I was also not able to make it to the featured products list on Product Hunt.

At present, I am facing financial commitments that need to be met by the end of the month. Acquiring 15-20 paid users for this Life-Time Deal would help me cover this month’s commitments. I am confident that the value I am offering is substantial, as users will have access to 100 AI generations per day for two years, including GPT-4 Turbo and Vision models, all for just $149. I have the necessary resources, including ample MS Azure credits, to deliver on this promise. I didn’t want to go this way; however, due to a sudden chain of events, I have no other option than this.

Despite my efforts to secure funding from various sources, I have encountered challenges due to the absence of paid users.

Ultimately I want to build an AI solution that analyses and adapts to specific requirements and adopts expert roles without the need for separate modes or personas for each task. It also generates the responses in a tone very close to a human rather than sounding like an AI (I have a live working MVP for this ready).

Your support in this matter would be invaluable, as it is crucial for me to meet my financial commitments and propel this project forward. I don’t want to spam the forum; hence, if someone is interested, I can share the details of my startup and the web app.

I am open to discussing any potential collaboration or partnership opportunities that may arise from this endeavor.


Hi Atul,

Can you please elaborate on the value your product adds to regular completions which are not present in currently available models or user interface? Thank you. Hope that project will become quickly profitable for you.

While I recognize and empathize with your struggle, as many devs are solopreneurs trying to make it, this is the true challenge of what it means to run a startup.

Rule #1: Build something people want.

If people do not want it, you have to pivot, adjust, and reconsider what else you might be able to do to bring in paid customers. This is the nature of business. Getting your product’s name out there as much and as far as you can is a good place to start.

I will, however, warn you, that:

Is not very attractive considering I can just use models like Gemini for free, and now that GPT-4o is free, there is no reason for me to pay $149 when I could just use these free products.

Hey buddy, thanks for your reply. So we are building an Enterprise AI for Startups and SMEs.

With this one can:

  • Explore an AI CxO suite designed for startups and SMEs
  • Maintain a consistent brand voice across all mediums
  • Use it as Prompt IDE to test your prompts
  • Manage your privacy with the option to delete all data upon cookie removal ( No generated data is stored on our servers)
  • Share and save your generated content with robust tools
  • Create content that resonates with a human touch
  • Leverage AI with superior context comprehension
  • Boost productivity with our intelligent plugins
  • Access expert prompt designing services without additional charges

As of now we are using GPT-4o and GPT-3.5-Turbo, and have tested our app with Mistral and Llama-3. However, having MS Founders Hub Credits, we are just using Azure OpenAI models on the live app. As I have bootstrapped this since last two years, with a fulltime job and a family. I find it pretty hard to move forward with the full blown marketing and launch.

What I am planning is to get some initial paid users by offering good value over other applications for some initial users so that we can pivot a bit make this app self sustainable.

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Hey buddy, thanks for your reply. Apologies for being late here, was occupied in chasing investors. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Blockquote Is not very attractive considering I can just use models like Gemini for free, and now that GPT-4o is free, there is no reason for me to pay $149 when I could just use these free products.

We too are using GPT-4o in our app and quite a few functionalities over usual generic AI apps. You can have a look at that here Cognitiev PRO | Product Hunt.

Our Moat is that the specific requirement needs specific prompts and be it any AI models a generic prompt will give generic results. That is why we are banking of Privacy and Customization with No Cost specialized Prompt designing services.

Though I am working on a Pivot, however, 27 upvotes on Product Hunt suggests I need some lessons in marketing and distribution of the application. Anyways, the real issue with me is that I’m cash starved dues to a few financial challenges here de to family emergencies and being bootstrapped with no revenue is burning me a lot.

Any way you share a video of what it does? Post it on YouTube with your offer. Start by covering 2-3 main benefits and why is better than others. 2 min demo, 2 min FAQ, 30 sec incredible offer.

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