Seeking Help Disabled Veteran Autistic journaled since age 12 over 8000 entries

how can I use my 8000+ journal entries to turn in to useful things.

thinking of creating a bot using an Ai, but wish to maintain a certain amount of privacy.

so many possibilities right??

what if the bot was a talking head that could interact directly to inspire and teach.


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What an awesome idea.
Utilizing a chatbot with diaries/journals seems to open so many opportunities - I wish I had my own!

I think the first step would be to embed all your entries, and use clustering to identify the topics. In terms of privacy, your information is anonymous and would only be used for further testing. You can also send a message to support and ask for your items to not be used.

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This is amazing. Makes sense that solutions for this stuff is going to be available to the relative masses soon.

Iā€™d like to do this too. I only have a few years of journaling but also have thousands of hours of video recordings of me teaching. Also my deceased grandfather, I have a 30 year range of journaling from him that I am working on getting converted to digital transcripts and want to try something similar.

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