Seeking Feedback on Two Startup Ideas: Course Creation Platform and VS Code Plugin for Coding With GPT

I’ve been working on these 2 startup ideas lately, and I’m looking for your opinions:

1. Platform for creating, hosing and selling courses

Anybody can create and sell courses using GPT tools (not sure yet which), and sell them for a monthly subscription, fixed price or free. GPT allows for very fast creation of courses, so there is potential for a massive knowledge base on a platform, which then lets you implement a recommendation algorithm and turn the platform into a YouTube for courses.

I found out that GPT can not make courses alone, but it can 5-10x human course creation.
The downside is that there is probably a lot of competition and I’m not an expert in teaching.

2. VS Code plugin that lets you easily send multiple files as messages in prompt

Since GPT-3.5-turbo-16k came out, I found that the best way to code is to give it

  1. general description of your project, in detail
  2. copy paste full code of 4-5 relevant files (for example: courseServices.js, useCourses.js, courseList.js,…)
  3. task

This call contains around 5k tokens and gets me the best results, but I always have to copy paste files if I update / change them, so GPT has the latest version of the file for the next task. To overcome this, I made a vs code plugin that lets you select files, and it will always send them in messages to the API as long as they are selected, so I don’t have to copy paste them into the chat as soon I update them. The main thing is I don’t think anybody would pay for it. What are your opinions?

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Idea 1 I think has potential only if it is backed by some authority figure behind the courses you are offering. Sure, you can generate course outline, exams, discussions, etc. but some people probably want legitimacy that what they are taking is certified in some way. You need your materials to be from reputable sources. What the AI will just do is make this accessible for students as if they have their own private tutor where they can discuss the topics freely and learn at their own pace.

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I think 1 is a better choice out of the two. It is important to keep in mind what problem are you solving for the end user.