Proposal: Integration of GPT Chat with Online Courses such as Coloso, PalmieJP, Pixivision

Proposal: Integration of GPT chat with online courses such as Coloso, PalmieJP, Pixivision, etc. The AI would only explain the content of the courses if the AI user has purchased accounts for these courses. Of course, this is a proposal that has not been implemented yet, but if it were to happen in the future, would it be feasible?

This approach could potentially enhance users’ learning efficiency, as they can consult GPT chat whenever they need, without having to wait for a teacher or teaching assistant to respond. This is particularly useful for courses that lack instructor guidance. GPT chat can provide answers based on the content of the courses.

This approach could also help users overcome language barriers, as GPT chat can understand and communicate in various languages, such as Vietnamese, Japanese, English, etc. Users can learn from courses without missing crucial information, avoid misunderstanding the content rather than relying on automatic translation tools as they currently do.

This approach could also respect the intellectual property rights of the courses, as GPT chat only explains the content of the courses to users who have purchased access to those courses. GPT chat cannot share the content of the courses with other users. GPT chat will also clearly cite the source of the content it quotes or refers to, allowing users to check and verify.

I hope my content will be reviewed.