Seeking Feedback on Startup Idea: Ads Inside of GPTs

Hi everyone,

We have been working on a small product called Adsolot, which aims to help AI creators monetize their AI Agents and GPTs by integrating banner ads into their responses. It’s compatible with platforms like ChatGPT, HuggingFace, and LangChain.

We’re interested in hearing your thoughts:

  • Do you find this concept useful?
  • Would you consider using it for your projects?
  • Any suggestions for improvements or additional features?

Thanks for your feedback!

Team Adsolot

Why not Adsolotl :thinking:

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You’re going to run into major issues if you try to do this in GPTs.

You would be, in effect, plastering ads on another company’s (OpenAI’s) website which has the effect of confusing users as to the origin of the advertisement. That’s going to lead to heaps of trouble when users start complaining about it and GPTs that employee your ads start getting removed from the GPT store.

You need to remember that the users using GPTs are OpenAI’s customers not the GPT builder’s customers. If people want to build their own chatbots with ads, go crazy. But you can’t put advertisements on

This is also not a new idea, at least 3 other initiatives have tried to make ads in GPTs a thing, to the best of my knowledge none of them have been successful.

Thanks for the feedback @elmstedt ! In general I would say I agree with you.

The only part that I am still not sure about is whether ChatGPT evolves in the direction of a “super app” (so we couldn’t put ads inside of it because its OpenAI’s website) or whether long term it becomes a platform akin to iOS with an app store (Agent Store?) etc. If it becomes more of a platform, I could imagine ad networks existing on top of the platform. But I know its speculative.

The platform is the API.