Seeking a camera viewpoint at a penny candy store

Impressed by an image of an NYC bodega, I chatted with the AI seeking to create a picture of a penny candy store of the sort that existed in the 1950s in New England. [ The one near my hometown Natick MA was the Wayside Country Store

This is my favorite image from the session. The clerk looks like a mannequin, and most of the signage is gibberish, but the lighting, camera angle, and candy display are well-done. And it DID get the Penny Candy signage correct.

The dialog as I iterated with ChatGPT is, to me at least, fascinating . . . here is that dialog : penny candy store chat.pdf - Google Drive

This is my 2nd-fave image from the session:

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One almost might watch out for Slugworth…

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Stanley, thank you so much for posting the Google Drive pdf history of your trial and error instrux to get the image you were seeking… Super helpful!

I’m writing a series on LinkedIn to educate people about the skills needed to get what they want from AI

May I have your permission to use your images and back’n’forth instrux for people to understand what it takes to get what they want? (Crediting you, of course!)

Thanks so much!
Bill Jensen