Sam Altman Returns. New Board Members

What are your thoughts? Where do we go from here?

I guess he is capable … He deserve more!

Reverse coup? Cleverly planned strategy to get himself ousted, and then use public backlash to rework the board?

Well played Sam, well played!

In hindsight, it’s easy to look at the outcome and try to come up with a sensible reason for it all; but I think it’s entirely possible that we’re just looking at human nature.

However the whole thing is difficult to rationalise, when you see Ilya acting as if all this could have been avoided if he had asked ChatGPT first…

It would be more comforting investing efforts into this platform if there was a sensible explanation for what happened.

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I think this has been a very eye-opening experience for all involved. For myself at least, it has solidified the belief that surrounding yourself with good people is the key to driving success.

Satya Nadella has also proven beyond any doubt his effectiveness as the CEO of Microsoft. Even though Sam, Greg and the rest of the OpenAI team aren’t technically joining him under a new wing of Microsoft, he has proven beyond any doubt his ability to lead and support them. I expect he will be heavily involved in all future innovations and decisions made by the board.

I think that the fantastic team at OpenAI has a renewed and united focus and will continue to lead the charge into the future.

I’m excited!

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Over all, I think you’re right, this came off as a huge win for Microsoft (through Satya) in the public eye. And because Microsoft owns 49% of OpenAI, it might be enough to offset this disaster.

However, now when it comes to evaluation and investment, who is going to invest in OpenAI when they know that at any moment Microsoft could simply hire all the top actors and over 90% of its employees if something goes wrong and essentially leave OpenAI as a hollow entity…

My hopes is that Microsoft gives them a 100b+ evaluation and goes ahead to just buy the company, at least then everyone knows where we stand.

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Really wondering if they will address their odd business structure after this mess (ref)

It looks like the Altruists are gone, we’ll see.


I asked fakeGPT what was going on

Just for you

graph TB
BOD("Board of Directors")
OpenAIInc("OpenAI, Inc \n501(c)(3) Public Charity\n(OpenAI Nonprofit)")
HoldingCompany("Holding Company for\n OpenAI Nonprofit\n + employees + owners")
OpenAIGlobalLLC("OpenAI Global, LLC\n(capped profit company)")
Employees("Employees &\n other investors")

BOD -.->|Controls| OpenAIInc
OpenAIInc -->|Wholly owns\n and controls| OpenAIGPLLC
OpenAIInc -->|Owns| HoldingCompany
OpenAIGPLLC -.->|Controls| OpenAIGlobalLLC
OpenAIGPLLC -.->|Controls| HoldingCompany
HoldingCompany -->|Majority owner| OpenAIGlobalLLC
Microsoft -->|Minority owner| OpenAIGlobalLLC
Employees -->|Owns| HoldingCompany
OpenAIGlobalLLC -->|Produces| ChatGPT

It’s frustrating to make a Mermaid chart in the forum because the software keeps editing text while you are typing…