OpenAI announces leadership transition

Might wanna change your website guys


Last tweets from OpenAI was ‘in principle’.


and another tweet pic of Brockman - but no Sam Altman

And another by Sam with no confirmation on actually being back as CEO. He has yet to update this profile either


I haven’t personally seen any official confirmation that Sam is yet back as CEO.

Has anyone seen such a thing?

I know practically every news source has said he’s supposely back,but quite a few of them also said he was never returning at one point, and even more said he was going to work for MSFT.

After all the reversals, it seems like something we might want to officially see, right?

Yeah haven’t heard anything other than “He’s Back!”. Guessing a slow comeback, especially after the Thanksgiving break.

Personally I find the whole thing to be more than a little frustrating and exceedingly detrimental to us as a community of devs.

The company seems quite capable of coordinating a self destruct instantly - but when it comes to its reversal they just close the doors and pretend like nothing happened.

Its been an entirely unprofessional and childish episode that has left a void thats being filled with fanbois speculation and heresay.

This, in my humble opinion, has erroded the legitimacy of our endeavours within the broader AI community.



Completely. It use to mean a lot to say that our technology uses/relies on OpenAI’s GPTs. Now it’s almost a joke and guaranteed to be retorted with “Oh, the company that almost blew up overnight?”

I imagine that almost everyone is being a lot more careful depending on OpenAI.

At DevDay they opened up so strong, appealed to everyone. They placed the spotlight on themselves and then followed with a near self-destruction.

The world’s spotlight is on them, people are starved for information. Of course they will latch onto everything and speculate the crap outta it. That’s guaranteed to happen when nothing is said, ever and the only form of information is through media channels and rumors.

The drama isn’t necessary to disclose. Whatever happened behind the scenes doesn’t matter. What matters is what is happening going forwards. The delays, the future of the GPT marketplace, the next steps of Assistants (because they are damn well no production-ready). It doesn’t need to be factual, just a simple “We are getting our shit back together and will have some updates in a week”.

I’m so exhausted trying to use my products with OpenAI at this point and I’m sure many devs are feeling the same way. I was really hoping somebody would’ve stepped up and been a public leader. Instead I got to watch some shitty reality tv with a bunch of cryptic messages & Twitter circle-jerking while I wonder if all the work I’ve been developing with their products is about to go down the drain.

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Yeah haven’t heard anything other than “He’s Back!”. Guessing a slow comeback, especially after the Thanksgiving break.

Where’d you see that? Link?

Frankly, the lack of Sam Altman in the OpenAI retweeted brockman photo was a little odd.

Unless that’s sam in the back right corner? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just headlines today in Apple News. Mostly paywalled.

Yeah, the echo chamber is probably right about 95% of the time.

For a lot of purposes, I suppose that’s sufficient.

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