What People Are Missing About Microsoft’s $10B Investment In OpenAI

Sam Altman Might Have Just Pulled Off The Coup Of The Decade

Microsoft is investing $10B into OpenAI!

There is lots of frustration in the community about OpenAI not being all that open anymore. They appear to abandon their ethos of developing AI for everyone, free of economic pressures.

The fear is that OpenAI’s models are going to become fancy MS Office plugins. Gone would be the days of open research and innovation.

However, the specifics of the deal tell a different story.

To understand what is going on, we need to peek behind the curtain of the tough business of machine learning. We will find that Sam Altman might have just orchestrated the coup of the decade!

To appreciate better why there is some three-dimensional chess going on, let’s first look at Sam Altman’s backstory.

Let’s go!



So openai has the potential to get back 100% of the company. Nice!

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