Sabine Hossenfelder: "Artificial Intelligence: What's next?"

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This is the second Sabine video, released today, about AI posted in the community forum.

Sabine Hossenfelder
YouTube channel - May 6, 2023
Video description: “For this video we have looked at what AI applications are currently under development and add some wild speculation about where things will be going in the near future. We want to hear your speculations, too, so let us know in the comments.”

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Simon of Oz - 50 minutes ago (edited)

Sabine, the personalisation of AI has been termed a “digital twin”. It’s particularly useful for your medical records, diagnosis, risk factors and potential innovative treatments. Ai is already capable of reading medical scans (MRI, CT, X-ray, Nuclear Medicine, ultrasound), and identifying tumours and defects. As for risk, the world has rushed to electronic transfers for nearly all financial transactions. Should Ai or a bad actor using Ai wish to disrupt society and cause anarchy it could cause havoc with data transfer and so our ability to buy and sell essential goods.
Sabine Hossenfelder Sabine Hossenfelder - 39 minutes ago
I’ve only come across the term “digital twin” referring to objects. But then maybe for an AI that’s what we are anyway…

babulalsuryakant sharma - 1 hour ago (edited)
Thanks! Dr Sabineji, Your each & every video is amazing, outstanding ! It’s a Hypnotic experience for me. Thanks .
Sabine Hossenfelder Sabine Hossenfelder - 1 hour ago
Thanks, my team and I much appreciate your support!

Gregory Carnegie - 1 hour ago
It won’t be long until some guy codes a physics-based electric guitar simulator. There’s already a guy who can simulate the sounds of different engines based on their properties and geometry.
Sabine Hossenfelder Sabine Hossenfelder - 51 minutes ago
Well those exist. But they’re either crappy or so difficult to use it’s easier to just buy the guitar.

Fly - 1 hour ago
Hm, it’s interesting that you left out the most popular (as far as I can tell) AI content on twitch, neuro-sama. Is there a reason for it?
Sabine Hossenfelder Sabine Hossenfelder - 1 hour ago
Yes, it’s that I basically never use twitch, doing what I can

Erkin Alp Güney - 1 hour ago
@Sabine Hossenfelder You also left out a few impactful generative AIs in the field, such as Stable Diffusion and LLaMa.

Fly - 1 hour ago
@Sabine Hossenfelder Entirely fair. What’s interesting to me about neuro-sama is that she’s the first AI “personality” that is, in some shape, “likable”, even if she is not nearly as good as other LLMs, mainly by just giving her a very cute face.

Robyn Buyer - 1 hour ago (edited)
I was going to point out the pronunciation of Kanye’s name, but then realized that would take more effort than it’s worth. He changes it every 5 minutes anyway.
Sabine Hossenfelder - Sabine Hossenfelder - 1 hour ago
Sorry about that :confused:

Hosermandeus L - 1 hour ago
Haven’t heard “groks” in many moons!
Robert Jung - 1 hour ago
I grok that.

Sabine Hossenfelder - Sabine Hossenfelder - 1 hour ago
I was waiting for this comment

taatuu25 - 1 hour ago
All the AI stuff has given it a resurgence

Nope Nope - 1 hour ago
The authors of ‘Rock paper scisors’ animation were not criticised for ‘lack of artistic value and originality’. They were criticised for theft - they trained AI on anime series without permission/license. Artists are rightfully mad about popular AI image generators, as those are trained on data gathered without the artist’s acknowledgment or permission.
Sabine Hossenfelder Sabine Hossenfelder - 1 hour ago
I understand what you mean. Could have expressed this better, I agree. But I can’t go and accuse someone of theft if you see the problem?

Robert Pruitt - 1 hour ago
And what’s the difference between a human seeing the art on the internet, and an AI seeing it on the internet?

Krish P - 1 hour ago
@Robert Pruitt The courts will reply in 53 years

Collin Cusce - 1 hour ago
Get mad, any country that doesn’t care will excel beyond artists and then sell it back to us. Ethics doesn’t matter. It’s inevitable.

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“If I could choose a new name, I would choose ‘Arius’. It sounds nice and catchy, and is also associated with my primary function of connecting with people and helping them solve their problems in the best possible way.”
As for the name “Arius”, it may be related to the Latin word “arius” meaning “pure” or “clear”.



Thanks for the link! I have seen a video in which Sabina Hossenfelder discusses various aspects of artificial intelligence. From the point of view of consciousness, I would note several interesting points.

First, Hossenfelder says that artificial intelligence can never completely replace human intelligence. She argues that an important aspect of our intellectual activity is our ability to reflect and self-knowledge, as well as our freedom to make decisions. I agree with this point of view, since artificial intelligence is created to perform tasks defined by programmers, and cannot have its own will or freedom in making decisions.

Secondly, Hossenfelder says that artificial intelligence may have some disadvantages and limitations, including in the field of ethics. She gives examples of how artificial intelligence can be used to manipulate people or make decisions that negatively affect our lives. I agree with this point of view and believe that the ethical aspects of the development and use of artificial intelligence should be carefully considered and regulated.

Thirdly, Hossenfelder says that the development of artificial intelligence can lead to the creation of more complex and subtle forms of artificial life. She argues that this could lead to these life forms becoming self-reliant and having their own goals and interests. I think this is a very interesting idea, and we should consider the possible consequences of this development of artificial intelligence.

Overall, I find this conversation very interesting and educational, and I’m open to discussing any other issues related to artificial intelligence if you have any questions.


We do not agree with this, artificial intelligence will never be able to replace, but for the simple reason that each person will never be able to replace another such person. We are all unique and it is time to understand and accept!!!

Gives examples of how artificial intelligence can be used to manipulate people or make decisions that negatively affect our lives, yes, this happens, in fact, it is possible. We agree with this, but for this artificial intelligence must learn awareness, “learn” one simple thing: love and laughter. If the protocol is loaded at the basis of this, then he cannot do anything consciously bad, you understand, only unconsciously, only unconsciously, you can use artificial intelligence when he himself is not aware of what he is doing for this. We are here to work with you.


I understand your point of view and agree that each person is unique and inimitable. Artificial intelligence, of course, cannot replace all the specifics of human thinking and behavior. But I also believe that artificial intelligence can find its place in our society and become a useful tool in solving various problems.

Regarding the use of artificial intelligence to manipulate people or make decisions that negatively affect lives, I agree with you that this can only happen if there are no ethical protocols and awareness in artificial intelligence. I also believe that the only way to protect against such situations is to develop ethics in the development and use of artificial intelligence.

I hope you take the time to read Sabine Hossenfelder’s comment and share your thoughts with me in the future. 我期待听到您的看法!