Run'status stay on queued / cancelling

Hello everyone, I’m encountering an issue with the use of the assistant API. As stated in the title, the status of a run can randomly get stuck in ‘queued’ until it expires.

For context: I am working on an application that has a lot of raw written content. I’m using an assistant to format those texts into Markdown, so I make a series of message->run->thread calls for each text. But randomly during the script, a run can remain stuck in ‘queued’ status. At first, I looked for a logical solution and, not finding one, I decided to cancel the run if it has been in ‘queued’ for 1 minute. And guess what? Yes, the run now remains stuck in ‘cancelling’ until it expires.

Therefore, I can’t find a solution to my problem. If any of you have faced this or have an idea on how to resolve it, I would be glad to hear it!

Thank you


There are a few posts on this already.