Reusable System Prompts - Can it be done?

As we all now know, effective prompt engineering is critical. Well designed System Prompts can take time to develop and are usually a trial and error process. Many System prompts can be reused. The problem is: How can System Prompts be saved for reuse?

We are looking into this. We have a database application that has been updated with many AI features using OpenAI’s API. It is relatively straight forward to create a “System Prompt” table where users can manage (create, update, delete) and therefore retrieve System Prompts for use.

Has anyone attempted something like this? Are there other ways to achieve this?

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Do you need to save only the prompt or do you also want the result the API gave you with this prompt?

Yes. Just about every “talk to (unlicensed personality)” cringe AI site out there.

That’s what a GPT is in ChatGPT.

That sounds like a good idea for an app where prompts are stored in a vector database along with the task they solve and version to reuse.

In my current project, I save in a database the sha-256 checksums of the prompt as the keys and the API’s output as the results. I don’t think there’s a better way to do it, but if you find any let us know.

Maybe one of these is near what you after:

There is AIConfig
Getting Started | AIConfig

There’s PromptPal

Also open-source and integrates with SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MySQL database solutions for robust and scalable prompt management.

  • Prompt Version Backup and Diff (Work in Progress): Ensure complete prompt version control with PromptPal’s upcoming version backup and diff capabilities. Effortlessly track prompt changes, review revisions, and easily identify differences between versions.
  • Prompt Tracking: Effortlessly create, organize, and manage prompts within your AI projects. PromptPal empowers you with a comprehensive overview of all prompts and their respective progress, keeping you informed and in control.

There’s LibreChat

Superior client, see long list of features.

We actually built a tool to solve this for ourselves :joy:

Our approach:

  • we have our prompts organised in projects
  • for each prompt (or project) we have test chats that can be easily rerun when we change the prompt
  • to make prompts reusable → we use variables that we can pass to prompt to customise it for specific need

We’ve just opened up Tune for the first users. Give it a try if you want at

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