How to update your GPT prompt without redeploying your app?

I integrated GPT into my app for some internal tools but I’d like to find a service that would keep my prompts, receive a query from my backend, and let me update the prompt without deploying my app again (some history, analytics, and version control would be a plus). The end goal is to give my non-dev team access to this service so that they can update it on their own.

Is there anything that would help me out? Thank you

Hi Arthur,

While building OpenAI integrations on my SaaS product we’ve built an internal tool to manage prompts in our production app. One of the biggest advantages? You won’t have to dive into your codebase every time you want to tweak a prompt. We are considering releasing it to a wider audience, the 3 main features that we’ve developed are:

  • Prompt version control: manage your prompt without updating your code base in a friendly UI
  • Side by side prompt / output comparaison
  • Event history: monitor performances of each prompt in real time

I’ll send you a message in private, let me know if you are interested !



Hey man please send me a PM I’m interested in hearing about it

So if I had an app where I wanted to give my customer the ability to change the prompts could that integration happen through this service?

We recommend it allows for API retrieval for your prompts so you can version control your prompts and get the most updated through an API.

We are also a small team, who are keen to get some feedback

You could create an interface and use Prompteams to manage your prompts, and take in the prompt from the customer as a variable in your prompt!

You can use open-source library for prompt management - flow-prompt, for full disclosure i created that and we use it in several projects. It manages what data will fir into the prompt based on priorities, model max size, prompt max size.
Especially good for dynamic data like files, RAG and so on.

Please let me know if you have any qns