How is everyone managing their prompts?

I’m curious how is everyone managing their prompts? Is it all via Git/VC, or some web based interface?

Currently, I’m using git + JSON templates + tagging to manage them, but curious if folks have found anything better.


What is your use case?

For most of my prompts, I simply have them in a regular git as part of the Python script that includes it. not sure if there is a needed feature that would make that better.

Just trying to manage everything as the number of prompts continues to grow. Which one(s) performed well, etc. Also, would be nice to decouple prompts from code for rapid testing.

Notion, its convenient and accessible regardless of where i am or what device im on. Its easy to organize all my prompts into different categories and being able to completely customize it to be aesthetically appealing is a nice bonus as well.

git + JSON templates + tagging → is good. For my workflow, I add Copilot and AI testers to check for inconsistencies.
I use other AGI providers for various specific use cases, combined with Copilot and ‘my own’ Python interpreters. GPT4 is mostly not really an ideal coding playground for me… except for dumb and menial tasks.

I created Knit mainly for individuals/teams to manage, develop and iterate prompts together.

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