Response time Free Account vs Paid Account

Are there any difference in response time between free account and paid account?

Any question to gpt3-turbo is taking more than 10 seconds, I think it’s tooooooo much and the user cannot await for this amount of time

Hi, one advice would be to use Playground, when you create your account you have 18 USD in credits for 3 months - so you get faster response times :wink:

Playground - OpenAI API

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Is quite hard to take any decision about to use the total credits or not before to upgrade without knowing if the response time will be increase, I mean, we need to know if the environment for paid users is at least faster than the “free” ones.

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Hi @contato.aifit,

first of all welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Secondly the number of Credits is quite generous - so try a few commands and you’ll see in the Account overview that this bearly costs something. To receive the free credits you don’t have to upgrade or anything, you’ll get them without any action required besides signing up.

In general you only pay for what you use so this should give some headroom for testing.

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Hi @linus thanks for your help.

We have identified if we use the “stream” we can improve our response time to the user and compensate the total time of processing.

Thank you :slight_smile: