AI Integration in Education: A Three-Step Approach

Are you passionate about using AI to enhance education? Three-step approach will incorporate fun, food, and education to make learning a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Step one: Plan to develop a chatbot application for sports enthusiasts to help them explore the world of sports. By using this chatbot, users can learn about different sports and interact with like-minded individuals. You are looking for experts in sports, AI, and education to collaborate with on this exciting project.

Step two: Second chatbot application will focus on the food industry. The goal is to create an AI-powered chatbot that will streamline the reservation process for restaurants, hotels, and apartments. This will not only be a profitable venture, but it will also raise awareness about the potential of AI in the business community. Seek experts in the hospitality industry and AI to work with you on this venture.

Step three: The final step of our approach is to create a chatbot application for schools. This chatbot will assist teachers in delivering lectures and other course materials to their students. Plan to create different applications for primary and secondary schools. Look for education experts, AI developers, and teachers to collaborate with on this project.

By combining expertise, we can create a powerful tool that will change the face of education. This is exciting journey and will help us make learning a more engaging and interactive experience.

For a prosperous future for all of us.



my team and I are available to help you… :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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The most important thing is to implement AI in education and schooling. Unfortunately, speed no longer depends on the development of AI, but on trust, and familiarity with the wider population of people with AI.
That’s why the first step is to build an AI application Fan or Patriot. I am taking Croatia, where I come from, as an example, but this method can be applied to all countries in the world.
Billions of people follow soccer and sports. They support their clubs and national teams. For example, in Croatia, there are more fans of the Croatian football team than residents :cowboy_hat_face:
The vast majority of them don’t even want to hear about AI
Our first step is to build an AI application that is an ardent fan. At that basic level, It will approach people and open up their communication with the AI.
Of course, there is the potential for AI to offer tickets or sports equipment for sale.
The main point is that the general population will gain access to AI and realize its value of AI.
Since I’m from Croatia, I worked out how that fan AI would communicate.
Of course, it is correct that everyone who joins this project should create instructions for AI behavior for their country.
Having worked in the hospitality industry for many years, I see incredible potential for AI in the hospitality industry.
But for me, the most important step is to implement AI in education. I developed a plan on how to make it happen.
But again, if the general population does not accept AI, it will last for years and it may even happen that AI is stigmatized, which we must not allow!!
There is room in the project for everyone interested.
If you want to talk in more detail and start working together on the project, contact me in my inbox so we can exchange contacts :vulcan_salute:


Sounds like a good idea, I am a teacher and I would love to collaborate with you on a project involving education.
Unfortunately OpenAI services are not available where I live so until that changes I won’t be of much help.


I have a masters in educational science and do research in the area at a university in Switzerland. I am also a school teacher 7-9th grade. I can offer opinions and expertise on beta products.


AI will enter all over the world. It is inevitable. In this first step we will be focusing on creating national soccer, sport fan chat bot. Different for every country. This step is important because general population will be in simple way introduced with power and possibilities of AI. Message me in my inbox so we can continue.

I really like this method of introducing the chatbot.

I am also very invested in providing the chatbot as a source of education. My biggest fear is that it’s “westernized”, and that some of it’s material can be “contradicting”. Introducing it in a fun, non-political environment such as soccer first seems like a great way to warm it up to everybody.

Introducing this system to educational leaders is a freaking tightrope act.


I look at your website and you covered lots of ground. Do you create App integrated AI? And are you interested in participating in first step project creating AI that is national sports fan, different for each country?

Yes, that’s why we need to combine effort and go simultaneously with sports fans chat bot for as much country as we can. People will then learn about AI, we can make some income from offering sports gears from nation soccer team and in meantime invite as many teachers, professors and academics to help us train AI for school. Yes, we can avoid confusion and introduced first education model as neutrality as possible. In that way we will have first maksimum fan impact and then when people understand AI, education impact. Can we avoided tricky subject from history? No. But we can presented them on info level so that teachers in every country teaching in way that local community felt necessary. AI will bring in future much more truth and understanding of each other if ordinary people start using it to its full potential.

We will focus first on national football fan AI. Since you are from Switzerland, you can work on naime and personality fan that that AI will have. After that we will focus on education AI. DM me in my inbox so we can continue conversation and project.

Let’s get connected, DM me in my inbox so we can continue.

I have not approached using this with students. The next few years will be difficult for teachers, as student adopt this technology to avoid doing assignments.

Just a moment ago, I asked ChatGPT to write a five paragraph essay that evaluates the political career of Huey P. Long. After it was written, I asked another conversation to analyze the essay to determine if the essay was AI created. I asked it to give a score of 1-10 (1 least likely, 10 most likely). The chat gave the essay a resounded 1! It said their were no obvious indicators of AI-generated text, and that the essay showed creativity and originality.

This is a paradigm shift for educators. The next few years will require a huge adjustment in pedagogical strategies.


AI should not be used to evaluate students and their knowledge at this point. The plan that I have developed is, history for example, French Revolution, 15minutes teachers talk with students about FR, next 15 minutes students aske AI question about FR (from dates, names, what they eat, clothing etc.) Teacher then have time to approach every student and see his communication, questions, understanding etc. Last fifteen minutes, teachers talk with students what did they asked AI and how much they comprehend. AI should be used carefully and smart at this stage, because it can easily get stigmatized. And if that happens, only big corporations will have use from AI, and ordinary people will miss opportunity.

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