Research in area of mathematics

mathematics education proposal regarding the proposal in the area of mathematics domain as well as STEAM education to improve their learning level.

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Welcome to the OpenAI developers forum! Your post about a mathematics and STEAM education proposal caught my attention. This area indeed holds significant potential for the future of learning.

However, to better engage in a fruitful discussion and understand the specifics of your proposal, could you please provide more details about it? What are the main objectives, methodologies or tools you are considering?

Moreover, while your focus on STEAM education is important, it’s worth noting that these advancements are not just limited to the hard sciences. In my field of expertise, which is in the humanities, the possibilities for improvement in both teaching and research are vast.

I look forward to hearing more about your thoughts and ideas on this subject.

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If I am not mistaken, Wolfram AI plugin does this very well if you want to take a look at it.
For reference of possible ideas.

Hello, Thanks for this recommendation.

Could please highlight some ideas on this can be applied in math classes especially for primary and secondary students i.e age 10 - 17 years.


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I just try to understand more about the role of the integration of that particular term of the steam education in the class room in a combination not in segregation so could we applied these thing in that zone if you would like to suggest this then it would be great and helpful for mee too. and what are the rubrics how we can find the learning outcomes of the child.