Requesting more granularity with military themed image generation rules

First of all it’s important to explain who I am and why I’m effected by the current lack of granularity.

I’m a sci-fi author who likes to incorporate mishmashes of historical uniforms into their image generation prompts to achieve interesting results. Recently, I’ve noticed that GPT has more often been refusing to generate certain images under the reasoning that they ‘involve a military theme combined with a specific historical context and that could offend someone.’

That sounds kind of reasonable on the face of it, but here’s how it actually works in practice:

I’m not sure in just what historical context it supposes the Imperial German Army was employing Portuguese men to explore space, but I’d like to know. It sounds like I missed some damn interesting parts of history class!

In the past I’ve liked to play with combining Victorian British uniforms, Imperial Russian, Soviet, Imperial German, Egyptian, and Cuban styles. It makes sense because it’s a giant space republic with every conceivable form of human culture.

Well, it seems the bot doesn’t like that anymore half the time, and frustratingly it appears to be somewhat dependent on what cultures I ask it about. It was, for example, perfectly willing to depict a Chinese member of the Afghan National Army or a Vietnamese man dressed in a historical Egyptian military uniform yodeling at a skiing competition during war time.

What I’m asking for is more granularity, with the model looking at the context around what the whole image is supposed to represent rather than focusing on superficial details. I think we can all guess why it’s weary of German uniforms in particular*, but ESPECIALLY with sci-fi like 30% of bad guy uniforms have a German aesthetic so it’s pretty frustrating for the genre to be unable to access that.

*For those of you who are confused, it’s because people have generated trashy Nazi content then bragged about it online.

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to be fair, i don’t know what that uniform is :rofl:

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I love that and weird stuff like it!

Here’s one of mine where I told it to depict a strong willed Chinese woman wearing a “traditional British Admiral’s uniform*” in a sci-fi setting with her German cyborg supersoldier space marines.

(*It isn’t but it imparts a certain style to the whole piece. That’s the point. It rarely generates actually historically accurate uniforms in these cases but rather combines the aesthetics you mention to make something new and amazing)

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@iris3dgames seemed to have a pretty solid process for getting consistency in generation through detailed descriptions. unfortunately someone started flagging all their posts.

I suspect that you could use their approach to get what you want, as long as you don’t mention any of the spicy words.

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Having trouble tracking down their methodology. I am indeed interested in achieving consistency but that’s not my issue here. I’m mostly upset that the spicy word filter seems to now trigger at the mere mention of Imperial German uniforms. Originally I thought it was the combination of Portugeuse and IG but it’s giving me guff with just the IG ones on their own.

I kind of want to be specific about which kind of German uniform I want so I don’t end up getting that other kind. I know what I want for this character and it involves greatcoats but with a DISTINCT lack of Hugo Boss!

It generates nonspecific “German” uniforms that look … Rather more Nazified than I’d like? It looks cool but it’s also just visibly dripping with evil in every possible way so I can’t really use it for the character I was planning to. There’s a reason I was being specific about “Imperial” uniforms even though it never creates accurate ones … I mean, homie is over here looking like Grand Moff Tarkin’s extra evil nephew.

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 00-17-16 ChatGPT

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