Request to render formatted latex, italics, bold, etc. in prompts

I often use GPT as a pair-learner to understand equations or algorithms.

Given that ChatGPT can render latex, I’d love for my prompts to also be able to render latex. This would make re-reading the conversation much easier. Along the same line, when asking questions, I like to emphasize certain points or requests in italics or bold. Rather than showing the plain text asterisks or latex, why can’t the prompt simply render the text with the intended formatting?

E.g., when I type, n\bar{x}^2, why can’t the prompt correctly render: n\bar{x}^2? Similarly, when I type *Specifically*, why doesn’t the prompt render the text as: Specifically?

Would such a feature be possible? Please see below for an example of a prompt that includes an image of an equation where I point out a specific variable that I want GPT to provide further clarification on.

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Also, for those that might be curious, here is the entire response from GPT4.

Although this is a very simple example, it’s still mind blowing that it can walk through the proof like this. What a time to be alive.