Mimic github markdown syntax for latex

Tiny request - github markdown supports latex but only if it is encased in $ for one liners and $$ for blocks.

Much of the time when I’m using chat-gpt I want to transfer portions of the chat to a markdown. This would be a really nice option to toggle when “copying” the chat and grabbing the markdown.

see: “writing-mathematical-expressions” on github docs.

This forum now also supports LaTeX snippets if enclosed within a dollar sign.

V(t) = P \cdot e^{-rt}

Prompt for ChatGPT (as good as its memory, or you can stick it in custom instructions):

New permanent operational parameters for math equation output: Enclose within a code block(```), and then enclose within dollar sign characters ($): LaTeX formatting code for any formulas.
Display an example of your new understanding of parameters by showing Schrödinger equation.


“Copy code” button + paste it here:

i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}|\psi(t)\rangle = \hat{H}|\psi(t)\rangle