Request for Enhanced Features in GPT-4 Platform

Dear OpenAI Team

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to kindly request the consideration of implementing additional features and payment options for users based in mainland China on the GPT-4 platform.

  1. Expansion of Payment Methods: Given the challenges faced by users in mainland China to access the GPT-4 platform due to VPN restrictions and the difficulty of obtaining UnionPay cards, I would like to propose the integration of popular electronic payment methods such as WeChat Pay and Alipay. These platforms have become ubiquitous for financial transactions in China, and enabling them on the GPT-4 platform would greatly enhance accessibility and user experience. Many individuals, myself included, find it cumbersome and expensive to acquire virtual US bank cards, which not only exposes us to potential financial risks but also subjects us to high intermediary fees. By incorporating these Chinese payment options, OpenAI could potentially increase revenue while providing a seamless and direct payment solution for users in mainland China.
  2. Browser Functionality Access: I would also like to highlight the importance of enabling browser functionality on the GPT-4 platform. This feature is essential for users like me who rely on the platform for various research purposes, including searching for information, accessing case studies, and referencing academic literature. Integrating browser functionality would significantly enhance the utility of GPT-4 as an all-in-one tool for research and information gathering.

I understand that these requests may require technical and logistical considerations, but I believe that implementing these enhancements would not only cater to the needs of the Chinese user base but also strengthen the overall value proposition of the GPT-4 platform. Your responsiveness to these user needs would undoubtedly foster greater user satisfaction and engagement.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to any updates or insights you might have regarding the feasibility of these suggestions.

Best regards

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