Request for an API to Modify Custom Instructions at

Dear Team,

I am currently in the process of developing a ChatGPT Extension, similar in nature to AIPRM. This service enables users to post their own prompts and for others to conveniently use them, fostering an atmosphere of community and collaboration.

Recently, I have developed a keen interest in the newly added feature “Custom Instructions”. I firmly believe that this function allows users to receive more consistent responses. Furthermore, sharing these custom instructions amongst users could potentially create substantial synergistic effects.

Regrettably, the official ChatGPT homepage does not currently offer an API capable of handling this function.

While it is relatively easy to locate the endpoint, there is an issue in obtaining tokens from logged-in accounts, which poses a significant problem for the development of my extension.

As such, I would greatly appreciate the creation of an API that allows us to modify or retrieve Custom Instructions through the extension.

I humbly request your favorable consideration on this matter. Thank you for your attention and support.

Best regards,


Hi @42.4.woonchoi ,

thanks for this information
I actually need to connect with you for the same where can I approach you ?