Redirect Mismatch because ChatGPT UX and What it Sends do not Match

I encountered a bug, and wanted to share it in case anyone runs into the same issue.

I built out OAuth with google and had everything completed with success. In my case I used a server in the middle and relayed to Google OAuth.

I changed the code a lot and was assigned a new Redirect. I deleted the old redirect from the allowed redirects and added the new one.

Everything stopped working. After looking into the logs, ChatGPT was still sending me the previous redirect. But in the ux was the new redirect only.

To resolve this I spun up a new CustomGPT and a new server (not sure if both were needed). Everything now works again with a fresh redirect (updating oauth settings etc).

Make sure to log the incoming requests to see what redirect they are sending.


Oh wow this saved me time.
I was banging my head – why why!! I said.

Ya okay going to log the redirects and rebuild whole new GPT now.

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Would it be OK for a moderator close this topic?

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yes of course! I suggest leaving it open for people who run into the bug, but if closing it means people can still see it but just cannot comment then yes of course.

Thanks for responding.

Yes they will be able to see this, even for years to come.

And since it was posted in a Discourse forum it can be found with Goggle alredy.

Try a Google search with Redirect Mismatch ChatGPT UX

The reason we like to close such topics is that other users will piggyback on this with a bug and then later another will piggyback, etc. and then we don’t know which users are having the problems as many don’t report back when things are working.

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