OAuth Redirect URI Failure with GPT Integration

I’m developing a GPT to interact with my website’s OAuth endpoint. The OAuth flow initiates successfully, and my server logs show that the authorization request is being processed without any server-side errors. However, after the OAuth service processes the authorization, the redirect back to the ChatGPT platform fails, and I encounter an “Oops, an error occurred!” message on the ChatGPT site.

The OAuth flow proceeds as follows:

  1. A GET request to my OAuth endpoint initiates the flow.
  2. The user is presented with an authorization prompt since the GET request is successful.
  3. A POST request to my OAuth endpoint suggests that the user has submitted the authorization form.

The issue arises after this point when the user should be redirected back to the ChatGPT platform. Instead of a successful redirect, the error message appears, suggesting a problem with the redirect URI or its handling on the ChatGPT side.

I’ve verified that the redirect URI is correctly configured in my OAuth application settings and matches the expected URI on the ChatGPT platform.

Can anyone provide insight into why the redirect might be failing on the ChatGPT platform after a successful OAuth authorization?

Solved. Turns out it was because I was using website.com instead of www.website.com :man_facepalming: